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Young papillon by plastic dog crate ImageI’ve crate trained hundreds of puppies through the years.Personally. Hands on. Tiny toy breed babies to lumbering mastiff puppies. And here are my thoughts on puppy crates.

Number #1: Plastic Dog Crates

My absolute favorite puppy crates. Sturdy, safe, easy to clean and private enough for pups to get the serious naps they need during rapid growth. Please note: The bottoms of these crates are solid, not ventilated. This makes them easier to clean and more private and are my strong preference.

Petmate Plastic Dog Crates
Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel

  • Durable wire windows with rear vents
  • Heavy duty kennel fasteners and a secure locking door
  • Features 25% recycled materials
  • Meets USDA and IATA requirements for shipping live animals
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Petmate Plastic Dog Crates
Petmate 21087 Pet Porter Fashion Dog Crate

  • Small, inconspicuous case your pet will enjoy traveling in
  • Cool ventilation on all sides with quick-latching front door
  • For dogs and cats up to 8 inches tall
  • Easy to carry with shoulder strap eyelets
  • Made in the U.S.A.; 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
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Number #2: Wire Dog Crates

Many people prefer wire dog crates to plastic ones. Wire crates fold up for easy storage and they are more open than the plastic. There are three things I am not fond of with wire crates: they are much harder to clean if your puppy has a major accident, the gap below the door can catch a puppy foot going in or out and I’ve seen more pups injured in wire crates. All that said, most people raise their pups without issue in these crates. Here are two popular ones that come with dividers that allow the crate to grow as your puppy does.

Pet Tek Dream Dog Crates
Pet Tek DPK86001 Dream Crate Professional Series 100 Dog Crate

  • Dream crate Professional Series 100 dog crate comes with heavy duty carrying handle and removable divider panel
  • Provides a safe and secure rest area for pet and helps prevent barking and chewing tendencies
  • Two doors, 1 on top and 1 in front for versatility and convenience
  • Available in black color
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Pet Tek Dream Crate in BLUE
Pet Tek Dream Crate in PINK

Midwest Folding Wire Dog Crates
Midwest Life Stages Single-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate

  • Exceptionally versatile single-door dog crate with adjustable divider panel
  • Safe and secure slide-bolt latches; 1-1/2-by-5-1/2-inch mesh; rounded corners
  • Easily sets up and folds down for storage and portability; 2 plastic handles
  • Durable satin-black electro-coat finish; ABS-plastic pan included
  • 7 Sizes
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Composite plastic Pan
  • Divider Panel
  • Dual slide bolt latches
  • Fold and Carry Configuration
  • Rounded corners for Pets protection
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Not Appropriate

Soft dog crates, wooden dog crates, designer dog crates are all for a later date when your puppy is mature. In puppy terms, those are chew toys, chew toys and potential jaw catcher, respectively.

If you have any questions of thoughts on puppy crates, please post them below. Good luck and congrats on your new puppy!


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