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My Best Puppy Playpen Advice


Big Ears Puppy ImageA client called exhausted and frustrated. Last week her puppy had stayed near her in the family room, this week the pup was exploring. Fast! Keeping track of the pup was now a full-time job, accidents were happening – she needed help. I offered her a puppy playpen which she happily is using. All is back to normal at her house.

It can be that easy. The right puppy playpen can makes potty training easier, prevents bad habits from forming and keeps your puppy safe.

Here is my top tip for proper puppy playpen use: ONLY reward a puppy with feet on the ground. Do not pet a puppy with paws up on the fence. 

Doing this will save you loads of problems. If the pup rears up when you come near, say nothing while you give the side of the puppy pen a quick rattle. Continue only until the pup gets off the playpen wall then immediately stop rattling, smile and pet your puppy.


Because you do not want your puppy to learn how to climb out of the playpen. If you encourage paws up on the playpen sides with attention and petting, you will soon have eager jumping up and down when you approach, then scrabbling against the wall and then, plop, the puppy is up and over.

As someone who has turned a corner to find a tiny maltese puppy teetering on the top of a 36″ puppy pen, I take this lesson seriously.

Advantage? This starts to teach your little learning sponge that sitting quietly causes wonderful things to happen. It is a lesson that pays off for years to come in numerous ways not the least of which is your puppy will stay safely where you put him – not climbing out of pens or scaling gates.

Now you know!


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