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If you travel or compete with your dog(s), a cool dog crate is important during hot weather. This goes double if your dog is put in the crate hot or your have a breed/mix prone to overheating.

Open, wire dog crates are the best general choice but shade, a cool spot, air movement and more all help. NONE of this means you can leave your dog out in the heat, or worse a car, unsupervised. But if you must have your dog out, for some reason, here are things that make it safer for and easier on your dog. Please learn the signs of overheating and what to do about it as well.

First… provide shade:

Silver mesh shade cloth for dogs
ProSelect Dog Crate Solar Canopy


Silver mesh shade tarp for dogs
Silver Shade Mesh Tarp

Less fancy but allows less air circulation are reflective tarps such as this one:

reflective tarp
Rothco G.I. O.D. Casualty Blanket

Using tarps of any kind? You’ll need clamps.

Here’s a nifty product if you have a van, hatchback or SUV is this lock that allows you to leave the rear hatch open a few inches which greatly increases airflow. It does NOT make a hot car safe but does make a car in the shade cooler with more airflow.

PetEgo Walky Lock Car Lock

And then, of course, a fan. Not many of these are very popular but this one is the pick of the litter. Runs for hours on batteries.

crate fan
Metro Vacuum Cage/Crate Cooling Fan

A pressure-activated cooling pad can help cool dog crates as well:

Cooling mat
PlayaPup Pup Chiller Cooling Mat, Pressure Activated, Non-Toxic Gel

Lastly, if you have a small dog, this crate is made (and tested) to cool itself. Load the top with ice (or freeze water in the provided trays) and the interior is passively cooled several degrees.
Pet Cooler Carrier
Premium Pet Cooler Carrier – Cool for ALL Seasons! Cooling, Hydration, Storage

I hope some combination of these options helps you have a cool, comfortable and safe dog this summer.

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