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Crate Trick for Separation Anxiety Dogs


Dogs with Separation Anxiety ImageHere’s a trick I discovered years ago that can prevent separation anxiety dogs from breaking out of their crate. It’s simple and it often works.


  • Use a plastic crate that has no grill or window or openings in the back (Vari-Kennels are my long favorites).
  • Put it together using¬†heavy duty zip ties. These are much more reliable than the bolts supplied with the crate. I use plier-type nail cutters to trim the excess and then remove the ties when needed.
  • Find an open space along a wall, ideally without any molding so the crate will be flush to the wall, but try it either way.
  • When your dog is in the crate, smoothly turn the gate to wall and shift the crate as much against it as you can.
  • Dogs almost always go and dig against the back of the crate in an attempt to get out. With no window or grill to get a hold of, they normally have no success.

This can work while you’re doing other things to lessen your dog’s symptoms including talking to your veterinarian about medication. Separation anxiety in dogs is a tough problem to solve. There is rarely a simple answer, but turning a plastic crate to the wall can give you a way to safely contain your dog as you are working toward a resolution.

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