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Is Crating Two Puppies Together Okay?


Crating Two Puppies Together Image Two puppies! Two puppies who love each other! Is crating two puppies together okay?

No. Sorry to say, it isn’t.

It can look so cute as they curl up together happily snuggling. Then they can scream in dismay when separated but… you need to do it. They need to be crated separately. Ideally in different rooms.

Why?” you ask, “Why would I be so mean?

Because not separating them is meaner in the long run. And here’s why:

Life happens. One of your dogs gets sick or needs surgery, spending hours or days at the veterinarian. That is a terrible time to go through the normal and inevitable separation process. Having your sick dog coping with that additional stress is no good and trying to keep them calm can be nearly impossible.

I’m also a big fan of each dog getting solo time with you. Time where you can enjoy each other’s company and learn about each other. If your two are always together, that solo time may never be possible. That would be a shame–for all of you.

Lastly, but importantly, there is a major safety issue involved. Two dogs in a small space can get into real trouble if a fight breaks out. Unable to walk away for the scuffle, a fight can be much worse if they are locked inside a crate together.

Exceptions? If you can fit your two into one carrier for a flight. The novelty of the situation usually prevents aggression issues (though there are no guarantees).

Take it from someone who has done decades of animal care with many, many thousands of animals: plan for the unexpected. That’s what I do and I’ve never regretted that approach.

You’re the human. You understand the problems and risks. Doing what you know is best for them won’t always be the easiest but it will always be worthwhile.

Now you know.

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