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My Newly Neutered Dog is Having Accidents – Help!


pip at camera200 ImageNeutering is major surgery that radically shifts your pup’s hormone levels in an immediate way. That seems, in many such cases, to throw their system off and suddenly your dog is having accidents.

When this happens, you can see mistakes in the house that you have not seen for weeks or months.

Steady now, this is not a disaster and it is not your pup’s “fault” this is just a response to the surgery.

What to do:

  1. More walks. Add in a couple of extra walks. This won’t be for long (generally 10-14 days)  and extra walks can resolve the issues in the house entirely.
  2. More supervision. Just like a baby puppy again, your recovering pup is either in your sight or in her crate.
  3. More crate time. She needs rest to heal up so extra crate time is a good idea anyway.
  4. Proper clean up. Use an odor/stain remover made for the purpose. Dogs’ noses are extremely sensitive and even a slight odor can encourage them to go in an indoor location again.
  5. Gates are great. Gates can ensure your dog stays in the same room with you. Free standing ones (or a few sections of exercises pen) can block off any room you’re in. (Use regular gates for tiny toy pups as anything falling on them could be a hazard.)
  6. Go out and reward. Applauding your puppy for going outside is great for both of you. You know, for sure, that your puppy went where and when she was supposed to. And your pup is told very clearly that this is the behavior you want from her. Win-win.
  7. Lastly, call her veterinarian with any concerns or questions you have.

Though this post-surgical period can be surprising, it is over with quickly with no long-term effects on house training.

This is so common as to be standard, so do not fret.

Now you know.

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