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Richell Pet Pen Review


Richell Pet PenI stumbled across the Richell Pet Pen while looking at crates on Amazon. I paused. Hmmmm. That looked interesting. No small investment, I had to see how well it was made and how it functioned as I knew it was, potentially, a great option for working people with small breed dogs. So, I ordered a one in white along with the top and center divider (both sold separately).

It all sat in my front hall for several months before I had a need and, since then, I’ve used it for four months nonstop. Now I feel like I can give you all a solid review.

Richell Expandable Pet Pen with Tray

Richell Puppy Pen PROS:

  • Well thought out design. For example, the bottom of back panel near the papers flips up so you can change the pad quickly without removing the top.
  • Solidly built.
  • Bottom tray works – so far, 100% so no messes on the carpet or under the pen to deal with.
  • Its length is adjustable so can fit your space and your puppy’s needs.
  • Good looking.


  • Pricey.
  • Putting it together takes some careful reading of their instructions and some time, the first time. Full disclosure? The first time I did not read the directions, thought I knew better and ended up using a few zip ties because I was in a rush. The second time, I had read the instructions, understood my mistake, and got the entire thing up in under 10 minutes. Everything fit together well, once I had a clue. The final pen is sturdy. So, take your time, read the paperwork, figure things out then it is one, two, three to get it done. (Hint: look at the pieces from above: rounded edges out, flat edges in.)

Richell Expandable Pet Pen Divider Richell Expandable Pet Pen Divider

I liked the idea of the divider with a gate you can leave open as I knew it would help prevent a puppy from hauling their blanket or toys down to the papered area. Using it also creates a smaller sleeping area that a pup learned to keep clean just as they would a crate. This is a big help for dirty pups who need to learn to move away from their bed area to relieve themselves. For me, this divider is a must have.

The first pup I housed in it left the divider alone entirely. The next one, a Shiba Inu puppy, gnawed on the wood along the bottom so I will now spray that bar with an anti-chew spray often to discourage that habit in future pen users.

Richell Expandable Pet Pen Wire Top

Love, love, love this top! Like the rest of the set up, this is well designed and clips into place securely yet is easy to open when needed. May take you a moment to sort it out the first time and, if it does’t fit perfectly, check the edges to make sure everything is where it needs to be because this product works when everything is aligned.

For puppy safety and my peace-of-mind, I’ll always use this top.

Need to leave your tiny, small-breed puppy alone for long hours? Plan to leave your toy breed safely penned but with access to papers whenever you leave? This is an excellent set up for both and good looking to have up for months (or longer) without becoming an eye sore. I’ve just used simple expens for years but have seen floors damaged by those slipping around and had the hassle of cleaning up smeared and wet floors. They have no divider, can be pushed around a room and the tops are not nearly as secure (and therefore safe) as this one is. This is a better option for anyone who can swing it.

I’m glad I tried the Richell Pet Pen out and I think you’ll be glad, too.

Update: November, 2015:  This is a great product. It is secure, looks good, protects the floor, holds up well and easy to maintain. Yes, it is a hassle to put together but that is a small “price of admission” for a pen you can use for your pup or dog for this quality product.

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