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A small dog crates has special requirements and features, which are discussed in detail here.

We’ll start off with my favorite crating option: The well-made plastic crate. Notice that both selections here have solid bottom halves meaning messes stay in the crate and are easy to clean up when they happen. Slotted bottom halves mean messes are spread to the floor and rug surrounding the crate and getting every bit of ick out of each of those slow holes? Not any fun (and I speak from experience here.)

Petmate dog crate
Petmate 21087 Pet Porter Fashion Dog Crate, For Pets Up to 10 Pounds, Blue Air/Coffee Grounds Brown
This attractive, sturdy crate/carrier is 8 inches tall and made in the USA. Petmate dog carriers are consistently well-made, safe dog containment.

vari kennel
Petmate Ultra Vari-Kennel – Small in Fashion Royal Blue
Vari Kennel is the brand I have used for decades. They are the jeep of dog crates—durable and long-lasting. Now, I use zip ties to close plastic crates; then use my dog nail trimmers to remove them when necessary. If you use the bolts then supply, notice how they are installed in this pic. The nuts go on top. That way, if the screws some loose, and they do from time to time, the nut will fall off and you’ll see the issue before it becomes a problem. Like I said, I use zip ties.

Also, once you know your dog is clean in his kennel, you can use a larger one if you like. Not a requirement but some people like to give their dogs room to stretch out: All Sizes of Vari Kennel

Next we have wire crates. These are incredibly popular items with many to select from. Here are two:

metal dog crate
Petedge Easy Wire Dog Crate, Small, Black
At 24-inch length by 17-inch width by 20-inch height with two latches to prevent jail breaks, this is a popular and affordable options for many. If your dog works the door hard and you’re worried that he might get both latches loose (and some determined dogs can), use a large clip.

pink dog crate
Crate Appeal Fashion Color Dog Crate, Small, Pink Punch
This pink crate is 24-inch length by 20-inch height by 17-inch width and comes with divider panels so the crate can grow as your puppy does. Also folds flat for easy storage and transport.

Now, wire crates have gaps at the bottom of the cage that can catch puppy toes as they enter or exit the crate. To minimize the risk, use a bolster-type dog bed. Here are two popular brands:
bolster crate pad
Slumber Pet Sherpa Dog Crate Bed, X-Small, Slate Blue

pink dog bed
Midwest Quiet Time Fashion Pet Bed, Pink, 22 x 13

For dogs who are completely crate trained and accepting, here are some fun options.

designer dog crate
DenHaus ZenHaus Indoor Dog House and End Table, White, Small
Made in the USA from fiberglass, this is a modern take on the dog crate. For people who need a crate but want it to look good, too.

wooden dog crate furniture
DenHaus TownHaus Indoor Dog House and End Table, Espresso
Made in the U.S.A., this wooden crate is for dogs who seek cozy, dark spots to curl up and/or dogs who like to be out of sight. The removable door insert allows you to give your dog access without having to leave the door open. Nice feature,

wooden dog crate
Small Wooden End Table Pet Cage, Crate or Pet House Indoor for Cats or Dogs
Another wooded/wood-like option that lets more light in.

One of these should be a small dog crate that works for you. If you’re looking for a carrier, look here:

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