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Sport Pet Folding Crate Review


Sport Pet Folding Crate ImageI just spent a week vacationing with a friend. We both brought our dogs and they both were confined in Sport Pet Folding Crates whenever we left the house. These crates are thin – t-h-i-n – nylon wonders that, with a twist of a talented wrist fold up completely into the disc about the diameter of an old vinyl record. Weighing 1.4 pounds for a medium to 2 pounds for the extra large you can pack one in your suitcase or carry on tote bag. Amazing!

Now, these are for dog who love their crates and don’t mind them shifting when they lean against them. Pip was in a borrowed extra large which, while absurdly huge for her, also meant she could curl up without ever bumping a side.

My friend’s Australian Shepherd, Rowan, has rolled his over and, Rowan being Rowan, he didn’t mind a bit.

This crate is laughable for most puppies, any dog who scratches at the door excitedly when you come home, long nailed dogs, dogs who scratch at the floor before they lie down, and any and all dogs of any size who do not love, love, l-o-v-e their crate.

But for dogs who do, there is no lighter travel “crate” around then this folding type of pop up containment. Oh, and that twisting business? That’s a skill. Do yourself, your dog and your family a favor and learn it when you don’t have any time pressure.

Sport Pet Pop Open Dog Kennel Pop Open Dog Kennel for Pets up to 25 Lbs. 15″W x 15″H x 26″D

  • Folds flat for compact storage
  • Heavy-duty screened windows and zippered door
  • Great for cars, trucks and RV’s
  • Great for traveling, when camping and at hotels
  • For indoor or outdoor use
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SportPet Pop Open Dog CrateMedium Professional Pop Open Kennel (Asst Colors)
Assorted Colors
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SportPet Pop Open Dog Crate
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Here is another Pop Up Crate:

Ware Manufacturing Twist-N-Go Dog Crate
Ware Manufacturing Twist-N-Go Dog Kennel, Medium

  • Medium size twist-n-go kennel
  • Twists open and pops up fully assembled
  • Soft sided kennel and well ventilated
  • Matching storage bag included
  • Measures 18-inch width by 26-3/4-inch depth by 19-inch height

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